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About MEM 3500 Films

Hello! I am the creator of MEM 3500 Films. I am currently 16 years old but I have been making these videos since I was 13. I make these videos with kids in mind so they would probably be rated at G. I have made this site a clean place for kids with no ads and very few external links with hopes that kids will be able to enjoy the videos, pictures, and activities on this site safely. I currently make the videos at about 20fps (frames per second) however the older videos have a lower frame rate. My younger brother helps me a lot with my movies by making a lot of the LEGO creations because he is a really good designer. He also helps sometimes with the story. If you have any questions about MEM 3500 Films please contact me at


  • Why did you call it MEM 3500 Films?
  • Well my initials are MEM and my favorite number is 35 (both my favorite sports players use 35) and the films part is obviously because I make movies although I have never actually used real film.
  • How long does it take you to make a video?
  • Well if I am doing it at the quality and frame rate that I am doing right now I can get about at the most 10 seconds of the video done in one day. (I normally can only work on a video at the most for about 3 hours per day). And then editing can take a day or two. For instance High-speed Handcuffs took me a little over 2 weeks.
  • What is your favorite movie that you have done?
  • I like a lot of them but I would have to probably say at the moment High-speed Handcuffs.
  • Did you make this website by yourself?
  • Yes. Computer programming is one of my hobbies.
  • Are you going to make a full length movie?
  • Probably not a full length 60-120 minute film because it takes a long time to make the videos but I do have plans for a 5-10 minute special
  • When are you going to make more games?
  • As I learn more JavaScript I will make more games.
  • Do you have any help with your videos?
  • I do all the stop-motion and editing and my younger brother who is 13 is my assistant and helps me by building most of the LEGO Creations (he is an excellent designer) and he often helps me with the story.